NORTH Sonar Freeride Edition

850 WING + 85 MAST

850 Front Wing, Stabilizer, 85cm Mast, Fuselage, Board Adaptor, Foil Tool Set, Foil Screw Packs A, B, C and D, Wing Cover, Stabilizer Cover, Sonar Travel Bag


NORTH Sonar Freeride Edition

„The Sonar Foils are surprisingly stable. When the wind slows down, usually a foil wants to drop down, but I like how I can pump the foil to keep going until I reach the next gust.“– Bruna Kajiya

Your ultimate Freeride Foil setup. A forgiving and well-balanced ride, with amazing performance at the top and bottom end speeds. The Sonar Freeride Edition, with 85cm Mast and 850 Performance Freeride Front Wing, holds lift through gybes and tacks without stalling. This well-balanced Foil System allows easy breach recovery and helps progress your foiling experience to the next level. The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern.