Levitaz Element

CHF 2'590.00

Foil package contents

  1. Mast Full Carbon 96
  2. Front wing ELEMENT
  3. Fuselage FREERIDE
  4. Rear wing FREERIDE
  5. Connection Plate
  6. Foil Screw Set (4x M6x20 + 2x M6x14, TX) incl. Tool
  7. Loctite Anti-Seize Paste
  8. Cover Set (according to mast configuration)
  9. Travel Bag (according to mast configuration)


Levitaz Element 2018 is the classic freeride foil. High maneuverability is one of its key features. Even smallest turns can be maneuvered without loss of speed. Due to the low drag of the foil, the Levitaz Element proves astonishingly upwind abilities. The balance between accessibility, stability and maneuverability makes it the perfect all-rounder for intermediate foilers.

  • High maneuverability
  • All-round foil