Levitaz Cruizer

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Foil package contents

  1. Mast (as configured)
  2. Front wing CRUIZER
  3. Fuselage FREERIDE
  4. Rear wing FREERIDE
  5. Connection Plate
  6. Foil Screw Set (4x M6x20 + 2x M6x14, TX) incl. Tool
  7. Loctite Anti-Seize Paste
  8. Cover Set (according to mast configuration)
  9. Travel Bag (according to mast configuration)
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Levitaz Cruizer 2018 is super easy to handle, which makes it suitable for beginners, but especially advanced strapless or wave foilers love the benefits of this wing!

The Levitaz Cruizer is the perfect choice for all who want to foil in cruise mode. Requiring just a low take-off speed, the wide lift surface makes it possible to start hovering early. You will be thrilled being able to slow down and have the stability in order to make your maneuvers with confidence. Due to the modern hydrodynamic shape, the Cruizer is performing like a high performance foil. Riders who love to cruise, achievers or strapless riders, truly get their money´s worth.

  • Low take off speed
  • Wide lift surface
  • Huge speed range
  • Great track stability

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