Levitaz Bionic

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Foil package contents

  1. Mast (as configured)
  2. Front wing BIONIC
  3. Fuselage BIONIC
  4. Rear wing BIONIC
  5. Connection Plate
  6. Foil Screw Set (4x M6x20 + 2x M6x14, TX) incl. Tool
  7. Loctite Anti-Seize Paste
  8. Cover Set (according to mast configuration)
  9. Travel Bag (according to mast configuration)

All carbon parts available with special surface finish “Ready to Race” when ordering R2R

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Levitaz Bionic 2018 is the ultimate racing machine. As proved in the World Series, the Bionic is the most used foil of the world´s top riders. With its radical design, it is characterized by the lowest drag which leads to most efficient upwind courses, highest speeds and extends your reach of new spheres.

  • High aspect-ratio front wing
  • allows most aggressive leaning angles with wingtips out of the water without ventilation
  • Great controllability in high speeds
  • Enables top speeds
  • Perfect balance between upwind and downwind performance

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