Levitaz Aspect

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Foil package contents

  1. Mast (as configured)
  2. Front wing ASPECT
  3. Fuselage FREERIDE
  4. Rear wing FREERIDE
  5. Connection Plate
  6. Foil Screw Set (4x M6x20 + 2x M6x14, TX) incl. Tool
  7. Loctite Anti-Seize Paste
  8. Cover Set (according to mast configuration)
  9. Travel Bag (according to mast configuration)
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Levitaz Aspect 2018 is the free racer in the Levitaz foil collection. For everyone who wants to enter in racing or loves long distance sessions, the Aspect offers the best performance. The high aspect ratio front wing lowers water resistance and enables top speeds. The great controllability in high speeds is one of the strengths of the Aspect. Due to its unique features the Aspect provides amazing jumping possibilities. Advanced foilers will love the sportive performance of our free race foil.

  • High aspect-ratio front wing
  • Great controllability in high speeds
  • Enables top speeds

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