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Thanks to the SHAMAN 2, you will win on all fronts:

  • Lightness
  • Performance (no noisy flapping)
  • Stability
  • Safety
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The SHAMAN 2 perpetuates the innovative SHAMAN range that was successfully launched in winter 2017/18. For its updated version, we have kept its much-appreciated shape, as well as its revolutionizing combination of mono-skin and closed cells construction. We have added numerous exciting features in the construction and the fittings to make all the difference this winter!

As its first version, the SHAMAN 2 is the result of intensive development by the renowned Swiss designer Olivier Nef, our research team and the GIN riders.


  • The new bridles on the SHAMAN 2 offer a more reactive turn, while retaining the iconic stability of the kite
  • The inter-cells are now protected by an extra-thin border and all bridle attachment points are equipped with an additional, yet super-light reinforcement. The SHAMAN 2 is hence even more solid but remains feather-light!
  • We have equipped the top bridles with grey lines to improve their visibility in the snow
  • A discrete GIN logo in the centre of the leading edge helps you to rapidly identify the middle of the kite when folding, even in strong wind
  • We have maintained the colour code of the different kite sizes and have complemented it by a beautiful bordeaux shade


  • The skin construction reduces the weight of almost 50% of a standard foil kite
  • The closed cells on the wingtips cancel out the vibrations and the noisy flapping
  • The profile of the SHAMAN 2 allows for a super stable kite with a huge depower
  • The intermediate aspect ratio offers an impressive performance
  • Constructed according to Swiss design and with high-quality materials (Skytex 38 cloth from Porcher, France)
  • Developed with the GIN ICED BAR V3, certified according to European norm (AFNOR)
  • 100% depower thanks to the 5th line quick release system
  • Comes with a compression strap and a light inner bag

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